I failed the A+OS i need some advice

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Hi guys, before i would like to thank you all on this site it's a great job you're doing there keep it up, with a great dissapointement i am telling you that i've failed and i am very embarassed to tell you that about the score it's below the expectations, i've scored only 347 on 600,instead i have been preparing a lot for this exam so i would like to have some advices,do i need to rush for a second exam attempt or i have to prepared more because the scores talk by itself
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    My condolences

    I guess that is a question you would have to ask yourself. Do you think you missed because of a general lack of knowledge or perhaps taking the exam too lightly? I notice you have Linux+ so I guess being in the testing enviroment wasn't the problem?

    Think about what sort of questions you were asked and then read your score report and try to figure out where you went wrong. I know it is sometimes difficult to reconcile that, but going through the score report is very good to see where you are light.

    Did you do any practice exams previous? Have you set a machine up with DOS and played? Have you played with W2000? Without knowing what your report says it is all really just guesswork on how to advise you.
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    sorry to hear your news.

    may i suggest you visit the comptia website and download the objectives for the operating systems exam. go by this at all times, and do not follow your books.

    not all books cover all the objectives, or the objectives in the depth you would like to cover for the exam. anything you see in the objectives that is not explained in a way that you understand is a license to visit google and try to find a website that does ;)

    hands-on is great too, provided that you can get your hands on computers running the operating systems covered ofcourse! there are just some things that can be missed or not realised/understood by reading it instead of doing it.

    use of this and other forums is great too and the technotes and practise questions will be helpful.

    if there is something you are not sure of just ask.
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    study harder study and then study and then take the test
    and also while studing memorize and do practice tests
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