Help. Difference between physical interface and controller?

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I'm confused about the difference between a physical interface, such as Serial0/0/0 and a T1 controller, such as T10/0/0, and the relationship between the two. For example, based on the sample config below, I see the T1 controller config, and the Serial interface, which is configured with an associated subinterface, but my question is; how are the T1 controller and Serial interface tied together? What in the config links the two?

controller T1 0/0/0
framing esf
linecode b8zs
channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24

interface Serial0/0/0:0
no ip address
ip flow ingress
ip flow egress
encapsulation frame-relay IETF
no fair-queue
frame-relay traffic-shaping
max-reserved-bandwidth 100
interface Serial0/0/0:0.111 point-to-point
bandwidth 1544
ip address <ipaddr>
no ip redirects
no ip unreachables
ip accounting output-packets
ip flow ingress
ip flow egress
logging event subif-link-status
frame-relay class <classname>
frame-relay interface-dlci 111 IETF


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    T1 controller is the modular T1 card on the router that takes the place of a CSU/DSU. You can channelize this card into how many timeslots(1-24, 64K per) you want to use. The T1 line plugs directly into this card. As to the serial(WAN) interface, this connects to an external CSU/DSU for FR access, PPP or HDLC. Hope this brief explanations helps.
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    Thanks 19triskelion68. That helps.
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