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This is my main weak spot for the Net+ because I don't work with NOS's in my daily job. I'm studying them as much as possible, but would I still be ok of I'm ready with every other subject except NOS's? How much of the test deal with them? Thanks


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    The network+ exam does hit heavely on how to get different OS to talk to each other. So this would include things such as tcp/ip ipx/spx and appletalk. Focus on the osi model and remember it like that back of your hand. Know what device belongs on what layer.

    Also focus on your ports and the various topoligies and cable lenghts.

    I would really recommend you read the technotes from here.

    I read my network+ book over a month then began my practice exams that came with my book. Read the technotes as well and felt i was good to go. Went and passed on my first try.

    I think most of the board memebers would agree with my statements above.

    Best of Luck
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    Ok. I am currently enrolled in a Cisco course, so I'm good on general networking, but since Cisco focuses mainly on routers, switches, OSI, LAN/WAN, I'm not getting any real exposure to NOS's. I am memorizing every port that I can, and have the network standards (cable type/length) almost down.. It's just those NOS's!! Anyway, I'm hitting those pretty hard now. Thanks for the info!!
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    NOS (Network Operating System) as a term isn't used much anymore. But for the Network+, you might still need to know what one is.

    Banyan VINES, Novell Netware, and Cisco's IOS were usually defined as being NOSes

    Cisco's IOS is very much alive and well, but the Network+ wants you to know what routers and switches are - they're not going to ask you to know any IOS commands.

    VINES and Netware are fading into history, although they are still worth knowing about in my opinion. Well maybe not VINES.


    Microsoft marketed NT as an NOS at one time, but it was really just an OS with limited (but popular) network support. These days, Microsoft's NOS (if you can call it that) is Active Directory.

    Unix/Linux also has its own NOS that is part its OS. But you probably just need to know simple commands like ifconfig.

    Good luck with your studies and welcome to the wonderful wolrd of networking.

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