Passed network+ score 860

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I am so happy I passed this today. I was quite nervous in taking this test. My test was 90 minutes and 90 questions. I was surprised to see some questions I didn't know one of the answers for and other where all 4 answers could be right. I got a lot of OSI questions and a few wireless N questions which I read up on before the test.

materials used:

1: exam prep 2005
2: cbt nuggets 2005
3: VLC networks+ 2005
4: Technotes book
5: exam prep questions

The training videos each concentrate on different areas which I found both very helpful for supplementing but not for test knowledge. It helps to see visual demonstration to put the pieces together. Considering I have no experience in computers, other then building my own rack server with 7 rack servers, these helped a lot. Now on to the windows 2003 MCSE! Thanks for all the help from forum members. This forum is great!
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    congrats on the pass whats next
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    Congrats! :D Good luck with MCSE.
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    Congrats on the pass & great score! :D I'm FINALLY taking mine in a couple weeks (12/5) so hopefully I'll be joining you in celebration soon!
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    I am definitely taking Microsoft up on it's pass or it's free 2nd chance offer. What do you guys suggest 70-290 first or 70-620 first? Either way if I take the Vista 70-620 first I plan on studying for the 70-270 and then studying for the 70-620 and test out on the Vista cert. I feel I have a lot of XP experience but want to know everything I can. Because in my opinion most business's will be using xp and 2003 in the next 3 years. I have seen a lot that just upgraded this year to Windows 2003 server.
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  • Devin McCloudDevin McCloud Member Posts: 133
    One thing I thought I would note for people thinking about taking this test, mine was 90 minutes and 90 questions. It came down to :32 seconds left when I finished. I had marked 24 questions for further review that I was not 100% sure about and then went back and slowly took my time to figure out the right answer by eliminating 2 absolutely wrong answers and giving myself a 50% guess. There were probable only 12 that I was not sure of whether it was x or y. It might help to practice with some testing software that is timed. This one was very close in time for me.
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    The 70-620 Vista exam is valid for the OS Core requirements for MCSA/MCSE 2003 as well as for all the 2008 track of MCITP exams. Good to get one out of the way that is a requirement for others. If you want to know about WinXP, you could consider taking the MCDST track, 70-271/70-272 exams, then upgrade with 70-621 MCITP:EST that will count for credit on all 70-620 requirements. Many Tier 1/2 Desktop Support positions in LA require MCDST.
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    Congratulation for the good score!
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    MCSE next? Just say no.

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    Congrats on passing the Network+ !!!!!!!
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    Congrats on the pass! :D

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