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Hello to all just a simple query to anyone who may be able to shed some light on the subject of at what point does one know that it is time to attempt this monster of a test. I have been self studying very hard for a long time i also have a 2600 series Cisco router. And i have been using packet tracer for sometime now and have become pretty comfortable with the router config and many other routing protocols. I have also completed the Sybex CCNA book by Todd Lammle i still refer to it for my labs and as a reference every day I just wanted to know what more can I do in preparation for my ICND 1 exam. I would also like to add that this site rocks and I have learned so much from this wonderful web site all of you deserve kudos!!!!


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    I would look at the objectives on cisco page for the 822. If you got those down then you should be ready. If you see there are a few things you have not looked at yet do those for a while and then go take the exam.

    Not sure what else to tell you here.
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    Hardest part of the exam is knowing when you are ready to take it! Look over the exam objectives and if you know them then you should be ready. What I usually do is wait to see when I am tired of looking things over. At that point I've crammed every inch of my brain with the information and if I were to try to get more I'd start bleeding from the ears and nose. If you can subnet in about 2 mins or less you're ready to rock and roll! Good luck!
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    Sorry for the late response I just wanted to thank you for your input and your quick response.
    You guys rock !!!
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