Just Failed!!!

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I just failed 70-94 with a 529. The graph didn't really give me a clear picture on what I needed to brush up on because it was pretty equal across the board. I've been on this for like a month and I've read the Traning Kit and I've watch CBT Nuggets like TV. I have about 3 years hands on experience but just in a single domain enviroment. I was a little "new" to GPO, but that test is tricky and poorly worded. That bad thing is that I felt pretty confident when I ended the exam....until I saw my score. I got the Second Shot offer, so, I may try to retake it in a couple of weeks after brushing up.


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    Dang, maybe try adding another resource like book or something. Also I personally setup my own Virtual PC environment to test in. Have 3 domains, 2 trees in 1 forest. have a couple clients too. It might help you with some hands on.

    Virtual PC is free from microsoft, and you can even download 180 day eval versions of server 2003. Thats what I did.
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    I've heard this exam is poorly worded from a few people now. Bummer about the fail though, but keep at it. You'll get it.
    WIP: CCENT/CCNA (.....probably)
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