Look at what random surfing dug up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Interestingly, I was finding it hard to concentrate while studying and decided to do some random surfing when I came across an interesting little site "Tons of network diagrams, large and small" enough to cause a brain seizure. icon_eek.gifCheck it out................

Just click on diagrams for larger/clearer view.


Interesting as the info was it sure did re-invigorate the mind for me to push on with studying. The info will certainly help with times when your imagination ceases to follow along with your course of study be it Microsoft or Cisco certifications. For the guys who work in and around IT departments I am sure you too will find it interesting, also for the guys who have yet to get there. icon_wink.gif

The download from this other link may be of some interest also:-


I won't say much, but wait for feedback from you guys. It sure did help me with setting up several different configurations with my test labs............. :D


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    I'm guessing those are Visio diagrams?
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    Yes they are!!!!!! Actually I will be re-configuring my test lab tomorrow, and putting into play a Netgear Prosafe Firewall I have sitting here for the longest. I certainly will be breaking and fixing stuff around here. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    That's a pretty nice site.
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    Tag for later
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    Visio is pretty fun to play with!
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    Visio is sweet. I have been having fun with it since I discovered the site. I have configured several scenarios with some of the network diagrams found there and just goes to show how limitless the networking world is.
    The possibilities were endless, the challenge for me was to put the books away for a second and look at a diagram and try to recreate it from what I knew. If issues arose (and they did) I was able to go back to the book and research the particular setup requirements and complete the setup. This for me, provided excellent hands-on knowledge instead of just what was fed into mind from studying.
    The key here for me was not to just know that a particular setup worked but to know what was required for it to work.
    I figured when I find myself back in an IT dept, I will actually know what's going on and be able to make some input on scenarios/issues instead of looking like a deer in headlights . icon_eek.gif when operational situations arise.
    I am confident that this approach would be more appreciated and comforting to IT department heads and makes for your assimilation into the dept. easier than someone fresh off just acquiring paper certs.

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    Chime in Fellas...............
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    Jahman 128,

    Nicely done... Pretty interesting stuff, especially the last link. the one with the excel documentation for a home network. My network at home is so unorganised with that i will be able to fix it up.

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