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I need an advice.

I'm using Linux since 1998. I don't have any IT certificate, and I would like to get one, just to fill up my resume.

If I understood well, Linux+ is vendor-neutral -- but I see that most of you recommend Fedora for practicing. Does that mean that Linux+ is rpm-oriented exam? (I ask this because I'm more dpkg-person, since 90% of my experience is with Debian and Ubuntu). Same problem with GUIs (if it covers them) -- I am GNOME-person (haven't seen KDE for 5 years).

One more question -- considering 10 years of Linux experience, should it be enough to quickly (lets say 3 weeks) go through this book, and then take the exam?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    There is going to be some RPM information on the test. I'd encourage you to download the objectives here: and review those.

    You really should consider getting a second book or something like a Transcender practice exam as well. Having that much experience puts you in a good position, so you may be able to get by with just a single resource. However, we typically advise people to use two or more since one resource never seems to cover all the material. If you're looking for another book, the Linux+ 2005 In-Depth book seems to have good reviews as well.
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    I agree with the boney penguin :D named dynamik...although being you have that much experience I think LPIC may be a better resume filler for you...check it out its on my list of todo's in the next year or so.

    Check out the LPIC-1 Here
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