Interview help.

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Ok so here's the deal.

Over the weekend I had came across some websites dealing with IT companies and I reached this one site. I seen that there was an Email address to the admin of the site, so I emailed my resume for the hell of it.

I had gotten a responce back telling me to call on Monday to schedual an interview.

Currently I had finished my A+ class and am taking my Net+ now. I really don't know too much as far as the company and what they do, but I had seen that they are involved in Networking which I would hope to be apart of.

Any advice as far as what to ask for or to look for within the interview. Through out my life I had never really had problems as far as landing a job and selling the interview. I just figured a little help might do good as I am really trying to get into the IT field and make my way in. Currently I make 13 an hour. What should I ask for as far as salary if all goes well?

This might be my way out of my current situation and my foot toward the future. Much appreciated with all replies back.

By the way, the website to this company is

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    They didn't call you or anything? Thats weird to schedule a interview over email, usually they give you a description of the job that they have open.

    It looks like they're a IT company, which is good. Worst thing that could happen is that they'll want you to sell their IT services.
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