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I have 2 PC's both windows xp home. PC1 is connected with a wireless adapter to a router which is connected to a modem. PC2 is connected to PC1 with a firewire cable. I have setup a network between them and can successfully share files however i want to share the internet connection on PC1 with PC2. I have tried bridging connections on PC1 and setting both static and dynamic IP's with no avail. I have tried setting firewire connection on PC1 to share my computers internet connection and then on PC2 set the default gateway to the IP on PC1. I can't get it to work. Please Help.


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    Does Windows XP Home support ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)? You might want to look into that. I've never messed around with firewire networking before, but maybe that'll give you something to look into if you can't get it to work another way.
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    I've never done firewire networking either, but ICS should be supported on XP Home. You can find a tutorial from Microsoft here. Check your firewall settings on both machines also...
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