Damn Aspera- Is eating up BW

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Hello Everyone,

We found out users are running "Aspera" , which let's you adjust TCP window size and other parameters. I'm looking to cap their BW on the switch port . Does anyone know of a protocol?


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    Since aspera accelerates ftp/http/https, I don't think you can stop it without hindering those particular ports.

    On the switch, throttling bandwidth is tricky... you're describing a qos setup.

    AFAIK, the only really useful command at the switch level to throttle bandwidth is the "srr-queue bandwith limit percentage" command. Google it... might be your answer. You can set the percentage of the interfaces available bandwidth as a maximum for each user. Tricky business this, but you do have the option.

    Maybe someone else will have another idea.

    EDIT: Course, you could get it into corp policy not to have Aspera installed... maybe get the Wintel guys to run SMS and do some software auditing. You couldn't pull a fast one like installing Aspera in our network without our sms team knowing it.
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    What type of switch?
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  • cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
  • cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
    Thanks Mike I appreciate your input. I sure it will be put into corp policy like the i-phone. Those ports are critical for business operations.
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