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Does anyone know if the Exam for 2009 will change or will it be similar to the test currently being given now in 2008?

What was the hardest objective that you found on the test?

Also can someone please explain to me what a token ring is? It kind of confuses me a bit.

Thank you!

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    CompTIA has posted draft objectives for the 2009 N+ exams and have stated that they'll be released in the first quarter of 2009, but they haven't finalized the objectives and they haven't posted a final date or any updates to the release in a while. You can find the press release here, and there's also a link there where you can download the objectives.

    My take: there won't be a book based on the new objectives until at least February 2009 (check amazon...the earliest release date there is for ONE book in 2/2009, the rest are scheduled for release in April or so I believe), and new exams are always a little rough around the edges when they're just released, so unless you plan on taking a long time for your studies, go for the current 2005 objectives (called the 2007 version but still based on 2005). They'll offer the old exams for at least 6 months after they release the new exams, so you have a good 8 months or so before the current objectives are retired, and there are PLENTY of study materials for those.

    As far as token rings...think of the computers as people sitting in a circle, and the token is a "talking stick." Without the talking stick, that person can't talk & communicate with the rest of the circle. Each person can only be passed the talking stick to the person to the person next to them, so if something "happens" to that person, the talking stick cannot be passed along and communication in the circle cannot happen. SO, the token makes it possible for the nodes on a token ring network to communicate, and if one of those nodes goes down, the whole network goes kaput.
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