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I'm new to this forum, so here's my story. I have quite a number of years in IT with a few of them that include 1721, 1751 and 2621 router hands-on experience. I also had Cisco sponsered hands-on PIX installation and configuration lab training. Over the last five months I got my CompTIA Net+, Sec+ and Server+ certifications and I think I'm ready to tackle CCNA.

I prematurely bought a 2501 to gain more experience with the IOS command set. I know the new version of the exam focuses on command sets from 2600 routers and 2950 switches, so I'm not planning to use the 2501 much for lab training. I'm already going to buy Sybex's 4th Ed. of Hammle's study guide. I know that they also offer a Platinum Ed. Virtual Lab that you can get separately. I'm also aware that there are other test sims out there, but I don't know which are the better ones to buy. I'm leaning to getting the Sybex sim, but would appreciate any input from the community as to the best one to get.

I'm not a newbie to Cisco and IOS, but I'm not exactly an expert either. Based on this bio, are there any other study guides or prep materials strongly recommended for this cert?

Thanks to all of you for your advice!


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    I don't think you're going to have much troubles with CCNA and configuring routers.

    Router simulators are goog to use but they aren't really the same as real routers.

    It's true that cisco is more focused on the new series (26xx) but a 25xx router is still good to practice. The CLI commands aren't really different. Some of the things you can't do with a 25xx like .1q or ISL cause of the fastethernet ports but that isn't the most important thing.

    Try to practice with you 25xx router and use some sims like the sim included in the sybex book.

    Greetz ;)

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