I'm taking this exam next week

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My boss asked me to do this certification, because he needs my resume in some sales tender.

We have CBT nuggets in our library in the company, I'm skimming through the material, looks quite simple, since I've worked on these things before.

I will review the following topics:

1. SCSI standards, looks like I need to memorize all the numbers ? I don't know, I will try to memorize as much as I can

2. Tapes, I need to memorize some standards and numbers, I'm not sure if it's necessary though!

3. Netware also, I've seen one CBT covering it, so I think it's important, I don't have experience in that.

other than that, I think it shouldn't be a problem. I've installed many many servers/storages, did A LOT of troubleshooting, and did a lot of disaster recovery (planning) and implementations.

any advice ?? what should I concentrate on more ??
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    I haven't taken this myself, but I've seen a few people mention that they were hit pretty hard on the SCSI material.
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    SCSI will definitely be on the exam, know all limitations of the hardware slot architecture (i.e. ISA, PCI, PCI-E, etc etc) and the various flavors of SCSI including their level, bandwidth, and cabling requirements. I personally did not get too many RAID questions, but it will be on there. Know all the levels of RAID, nested RAID, and RAID duplexing. And be familiar with the RDP (Recovery Disaster Plan) material as well. Since you have experience and have already reviewed the objectives, it should be cake.
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    Thank you guys

    I attended plenty of classroom training for Sun, and SCSI was one of the topics, and I passed multiple sun exams that talked about SCSI, so I have background, but I guess I need to memorize the difference between each SCSI standard, length of cables maybe.

    RAID is my key strength so this should be fine. But in the CBT there's Windows 2k and Netware, those two I'm worried about because I only know windows desktops and never worked on NetWare.
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    Just to update you guys, I got too busy with work that I couldn't find enough time to study except for after working hours, and thought I'm not very prepared. My manager agree that I do it two weeks from now, so I postponed my test.

    I got a book called "Server+ certification bible" as friends who passed recommended it.

    I'm reading through it now and will do the questions at the end of each chapter. I didn't expect this much of memorizing though
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