IPv4 DNS registration problem

PiotrIrPiotrIr Member Posts: 236
I have problem with fail over cluster and DNS registration. Is seems it stopped to register IPv4 addresses of cluster resources. I’m using IPv4 and IPv6 in the same time. Configuration:

DC – Windows Server 2008 on 2003 domain and forest level.
Two clusters, one SQL second Hyper-V – Windows Server 2008.

It registers without any problems IPv6 IP and both IPv4 and IPv6 for local server connections. It just doesn’t register IPv4 for all cluster resources. I tried to bring network resources offline and online, restart cluster a few times, use ipconfig /registerdns and nothing. It was working fine and one day just stopped. I wasn’t able to find any error in event log related this problem.

Please help me fix it. I would disable Ipv6 but afraid whole cluster and domain will be down so I afraid to try it.
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