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Does NAT insert a mac address into a packet so that the router knows which host asked for it on the lan when the reply is recieved?

What is port forwarding?

If i had a client that couldnt access an application over a ppp wan connection, with a firewall between the wan and application and a router between the client and the wan. How would i troubleshoot it.

Could i get a really good description for the troubleshooting question please, i would really appreciate it and it would help alot.

Nice community btw. stumbled upon this whilst getting up practice exams.



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    lionheartxxilionheartxxi Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    forgot to mention, on the troubleshooting part i cant get access to the application server from the client
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    What application are you trying to access? Find out what ports need to be allowed for incoming requests to the application and make sure to define those ports in your firewall as allowed

    The NAT will either use the MAC ID or assign a port number so it knows where to send incoming traffic - if I understand right the port method is not used often anymore. But I could be wrong on that one. The NAT keeps a NAT table and lists the IP address with the MAC ID so knows where to forward data

    Port forwarding tells the router or firewall to allow traffic through a certain port, or port range to a specific device. Normally routers and firewalls drop uninvited incoming requests, but if you tell the router to allow traffic to address on port 80 to your IIS server than the traffic will not be ignored and people will be allowed to use your IIS server.
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