Updated objectives?

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When was the N+ last updated, and does anyone have a clear answer as to when Comp Tia might be updating again? I had a butt load of prep material passed on to me, and I just wanted to know if my study material may be out of date. The material is about 11 months old if thats any indicator. Thanks in advance; also hello Im new here.


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    I can't remember exactly when the Network+ objectives changed, if it is 11 months old it's probably up-to-date but you can usually see if your study material is up-to-date by checking the exam code, the current code is N10-002 (previous is N10-001).
    Another easy way is check if your study material covers 'Wireless networking', if it does you're fine.
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    Well it all has the N1-002 designation, I also belive it covers the 802.11 standard. With any luck I'll have this test over and done with within the next 2 weeks. Than the leg work begins for 70-216 and Server+. has anyone on this forum taken the security + test yet? Im curious to hear any feed back about it. Also thanks for the information.
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    Well, then your material is up to date.

    If you want more info about the Security+ exam go to our Security+ forum. Russ, our Security+ forum moderator has some experience with the exam and with a lot of study material. Currently I'm doing a review about the Sybex Security+ study guide, which I should have online within a couple of weeks and at the same time I'll take the exam myself as well.
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    Thanks again, just saw the search button as well. Cheers
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