Microsoft versus Comptia questions?

What can I expect from Microsoft as far as test questions? Will the multiple choice tell me how many to select or will they say, "choose all that apply"? I am trying to prepare myself for my first Microsoft exam, and Exam Cram has many questions that just say, choose the best answer and their will be 2-3 answers. Is this the norm for Microsoft tests? Comptia always says select three or select two! After much googling, I found many posts saying that Microsoft tests were leagues above Comptia in difficulty, and that Comptia tests lack any real difficulty. I have only taken Comptia tests so I would not know. What is your opinion on the difficulty of Microsoft versus Comptia??
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    CompTIA exams are way more cut and dry. Microsoft loads you with tons of information (sometimes paragraphs) and maybe only 10% of it could be relevant to your question. They also dont give you the ridiculous answers to rule out like CompTIA does. They do give you answers that are incorrect, but they will usually include terminology from the scenario that they are presenting so if you do not know what you are doing you can easily talk yourself into picking a wrong answer just because it sounds right. You must read very carefully, it requires much more focus on a question by question basis. And yes, they do say choose the best answer or answers....not choose 2 (for example). I would say that Transcender is the closest in format to the actual exams. If you go to their site they may give you some sample questions (like 5) without you having to buy the package. I hope this helps.
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    OK, thanks! I will cram extra hard for these tests then. I was thinking that was how it was going to be. I definitely think they will be much more of a challenge for me considering I hate long drawn out questions. Even during the Comptia test the rare occasions of a long question, I would find myself rereading it three or four times. I will definitely have to prepare my brain for the torture of 65 long paragraph style questions.
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    I found the above to be true for the 270 exam; for 290, not so much. The test was shorter (in my case anyway), the questions less burdened with extra info and the sims straightforward. Still, I never took a CompTIA exam so I can't really compare. Just don't let 290 scare you, it's one of the tamer MS exams.

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