Ubuntu's future

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What do you think about Ubuntu's future ?

They launch Ubuntu Certified Professional (UCP) certificate, and probably in future will be for engineer certificate too.

In future they will start charge for server edition , but it's a long way for that day to come.

So what do you think will Ubuntu survive, and have a large impact in Linux world ?

I mean it's all good until Mark Shuttleworth gives his money .... but that will slowly end some day.

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    I don't follow Ubuntu in great detail, but I saw an article the other day that said Shuttleworth was willing to fund the project for at least 3-5 more years with his money. It seems like they still have a decent amount of time to figure out how to become profitable.

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    I believe they will do well, maybe not in the US, but definitely abroad. As one of the easiest distros to use it is perfect. I use it at home as my main OS and haven't had any issues with it. Got it right onto the network, sharing files, and printers. I believe the future is bright for Ubuntu!
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    I don't think they will do much in the server area, maybe in the desktop since it's very user friendly.

    See it's not easy to get into server, it has to compete with Solaris, IBM AIX, Red Hat, and SuSE.

    They need to have a good support, even Red Hat is not competing well with AIX and Solaris because of the support, I don't see Ubuntu in the area any time soon, but who knows !

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