Resources for Novell CNA 50-686 practice test needed

Nothing on the Preplogic, Transender or Selftest sites. I have emailed them to seem if they will put the practice exams back on thier websites (or even by specific request). That answer could take a while to get. I have worked with NW 3x through 6.5 as an admin, server upgrade tech and with connectivity/installation diags for approx 13 years. But, I have also learned that no matter what your experience with the product is, that does not mean you will pass the certification tests (in this case, the CNA) I am basing this on dealing with MS products and tests. Whether the NW material is more hands on than an A, B, C or D test, there must be some practice test that can be used for preperation (otherwise, how could a test be given, it can't all be hands on)
I was hoping to purchase a downloadable version, without having to wait for something to be mailed to me.
Thank-you, for your time and your help.


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    STS are not doing Novell tests anymore. Trust me I tried to get them to offer me bordermanager after they took them off the site. In the end I found an old Bosen exam to help there. On that note try Boson to see if the have a CNA test. Failing that go for the Novell Self Study Kit. They are pricy but Im told if you use that material well it's practically a guaranteed pass.

    The CNA is not an easy test to prepare for so I would go with Novell approved books off amazon - CNA Study guide, CNA admininstrators guide and work through the Novell Self Study Kit if I was you.
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    I agree. Also, Novell exam is much easy to understand; not like MS exam that so tricky.
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