Question about INTRO practice exam

xwesleyxwillisxxwesleyxwillisx Posts: 158Member
On the INTRO pratice exam... one of the questions states

"You type the command "show start" and note that the configuration register boot field value is "2102". What does this value mean?"...

I always thought the config register was displayed when you used the show version command... and when I tried using the show start command on my router sim... the config register value was not displayed in the output... is this an error or am I mistaken? Thanks :)

btw... I am referring to the practice exam on THIS site... in case i wasn't clear


  • M_BoydM_Boyd Posts: 31Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    0x2102 means that it will load the configuration file in NVRAM

    You won't see it in show start but you will see it in show version.....
  • xwesleyxwillisxxwesleyxwillisx Posts: 158Member
    yeah i knew 0x2102 ment NVRAM.... and that 0 was ROM monitor and 1 was ROM... i was just wondering why the question said the config register would be displayed with show start
  • WebmasterWebmaster Posts: 10,292Admin
    You are right. shows start does not reveal the config register value. It should of course be show ver from show version. ( It doesn't make the answer to the actual question any different though.
    It is a question written by a writer I hired almost two years ago (for the previous CCNA exam, this question still applies though.), so nice catch!
    I'll upload a fixed version of the question in a minute...
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