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why is the "repair" option (which is considered a reinstall of the OS) not used more frequently, or should i say earlier in the troubleshooting process for fixing a failed boot in Windows XP? I have used this option with great results myself, as it keeps intact all previous apps and settings, however my A+ book (which touches very little on this) seems to consider it a bit of a "last resort". where should this option be in the troubleshooting process? Thanks.


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    The repair option takes more time, so I guess that's why they put it as a 'last resort'. Quickest and easiest first... Why not use safe-mode or how about you "use the last known good configuration" instead? That's faster, easier, etc... I'd put the repair option is like 1 above reformatting. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I agree that it should come after "last known good configuration", but why not before Automated System Recovery? (or does it? my book isnt very clear on this) Its just that with ASR, you lose all apps and system settings since the last backup, but with the "repair" option, you dont. Also, should the "repair" option perhaps even be used before recovery console? Its just so much easier (hit "r" and then reinstall vs. needing to know a bunch of recovery console commands and figuring out which ones to use)...somebody please correct me if im wrong.
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    I totally agree with you here about the second repair option in XP. However, whether it is right or wrong Comptia has an idea on what they want and the exam is focused that way.
    To me ASR is not an option at all and if Last Known Configuration doesn't work then it is always the second R option.
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