authorize self study guiders vs official exam certification

livenliven Member Posts: 918
Which is better the?

The authorized self study guides seem to be about 100 pages longer on the average. I guess they just break things down more for those that need it?

I am currently using the offical exam cert guide for BCMSN, and it seems fine.
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  • nelnel Member Posts: 2,859 ■□□□□□□□□□
    The study guide is more in depth where the exam guide gives you enough to pass the exam and is aimed for someone who isnt learning the topics from scratch. Ive found that they go well hand in hand from what ive read so far. Study guide for learning it in depth and the exam guide as an overview.
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  • GT-RobGT-Rob Member Posts: 1,090
    Unless there are years of experience or schooling behind you, I usually recommend them both. Read the study guide, then the exam guide.

    As far as 'what is needed to pass', you can probably get by with just one. Heck, there is enough on to pass if you want to.
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