Legacy Networking

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Post CCIE I will be putting up some material on legacy networking. The home rack should be good for that sort of thing. I will keep this updated when I get on to this later next year.


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    Right well I will be starting a new contract soon and while it's mostly IP there are some pockets of legacy protocols in there. DecNet is one.

    This suits me fine, having been around a while Im comfortable with the legacy protocols. They were even tested years back and we had to learn them. The same cannot be said for many people who entered networking in the last few years. Many shops are totally IP these days so no exposure there and over time the certification tracks have dropped X.25, ISDN, DecNet, IPX/SPX etc so there is less formal training in the support of these things for those of you embarking on Cisco certification tracks. While this reflects the desire of vendors to get you trained up in their lastest offerings it doesn't help much when you get landed in legacy land.

    I will post up some discoveries as and when. Probably one of the few threads in the world offering a contemporary view on protocols retired from certification tracks.

    show ipx servers ;)
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    Phase IV or V? ;)

    access-list 301 permit 10.1 0.1023 0.0 63.1023

    You've gotta love it...
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