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Well recess is over back to taking exams the past i have used the MS-Press books for my mcdst and mcitp........iam now going for my mcsa and was wondering what books are more reliable.....

i have heard several people recommend the sybex books for the 290 and 291 exams, are they much better and easy to read like the ms-press books? my only concern is that iam used to the ms press books and a little skeptical to change but from what iam hearing i guess change isn't that bad.

Any help will be greatly appreciated......


  • charles.stevecharles.steve Junior Member Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yes i also recommend sybex books for the 290 and 291. Really easy to understand. Alongwith this you should check some online sites.

  • surfthegeckosurfthegecko Senior Member Member Posts: 149
    Yeah I have to say I read theMSPress book for the 70-270 (XP module) then read a sybex one and found the sybex much easier to take in.

    Sybex did seem to miss a couple of points that the MSPress books cover but they were only additional bits rather than core content and twice as many pages.

    I would say switch to sybex (also now using this for 70-290) along with other online material eg practice questions, or online videos. I certainly find it easier.

    Having just found this site/forum myself I have started using the Revision notes written by members of TechExam Team themselves, and have to say they seem to be able to explain stuff better in 6 pages than MSPress & Sybex do in 50 pages.

    On a side note, Thanks to the team for producing the revision notes for 70-290 so much clearer than any books or videos I have watched, really helping me to grap the main concepts.

    Another method that I have found very handy is using MS Virtual PC to simulate the topics first hand.
  • raskaliraskali Junior Member Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks for the feedback, i guess its time for change.....i will go ahead and try the sybex books for the 290 and 291, also they seem to be much cheaper online compared to the mspress books......thanks again
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