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How is it measured. I understand an ISC2 member has to certify your experience to the best of his knowledge. What is the best way to go about this in an enterprise environment with no ISC2 members? Lets revisit this question in a second and Ill explain a bit about myself;

I've been working in IT for 4 years. I have a handful of Microsoft qualifications, Citrix and a CCNA for good measure. My main area of experience/expertise has been the consolidation/migration of Windows NT Domains from NT up to current. This includes delegation of rights and well structured group policies (My favourite bit and I have experience of both SSLF and Enterprise models from the Windows Sec Guide written in conjunction with the NSA).

Professionalism has always been something I strive to put across. I hate the amount of amateurs and cowboys in our industry. I recently got the ISC2 SSCP CBK official text and have started reading it. I was relieved when the content of various domains made sense to me and echoed what I'd always strived to implement. The more I read and see about the ISC2 the more I like its ethos and definetly want to focus my career down that track.

I feel like I am ready to be SSCP level. Also hopefully in 3 years or so I can climb that ladder to CISSP. The question is am I ready to be SSCP? Also back to the original question plus one more.. What does the ISC2 view professional security experience as? What level of work does it view as relevant?

Apologies for the long post!!!


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