any last minute tips on OS?

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Does anyone have any tips or hints of areas to especially study for the A+ OS portion of the test?

One thing I sometimes confuse is the HIMEM.sys and EMM386.sys, and sometimes I mess up on the order of places to go to change certain settings or check things (though I could do it in real life easily --I don't pay too much attention to the title orders/titles).

Can you tell me more about HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.SYS? I would like to know what they do, and the different memory areas. There is conventional memory, which is the first 640k...high memory area is the first 64k after 640k??? I'm confused there.

I'm really nervous about passing this because I have to pass it before July 8th (90 day period) and my test is this monday, June 26th. I know the stuff, but sometimes some little arguments get me and then I'm 50/50...

Any hints or things that stumped you on the test?

Thank you.
I want to learn to succeed.


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    sounds like u are doing the old objectives? I just did the OS (2003 oBj) last friday(25th)
    2dos-era memory management files.
    Himem.sys provides access tothe memory beyond the 1st 1MB of space.
    EMM386.exe was used to fine tune memory addresses and play intensive games in the past. Both appear in config.sys.
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