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I have been a long time reader of this forum; first time poster.

I have recently hit a stumbling block in my Cert path as I had been planning to take 2003 Exchange for my elective. I recently found out that my online training company has discontinued the "Live, Instructor Lead" classed in lieu of Exchange 2007. I understand that these are very different and that I would not benefit very much by taking 2007 unless I was moving in that direction (no immediate plans).

I have just completed 290 (11-21) and 270 (12-3) and I am trying to choose an elective. I am considering 620 (Vista) before moving on the 291.

Are there any potential problems with my elective choice of Vista? Should I be more selective in my choice of Electives?

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    I would suggest the following to have a look at and consider:

    Exam 70-400

    Exam 70-401

    Exam 70-297

    Don't waste time with Vista, Windows 7 will be rolling out soon and from what I have seen most companies are gonna stick with XP/2003 infrastructure for a while longer. Who's to say when and what they will upgrade to. It's rumored that after Windows 7 will be only 64bit server and desktop OSs and is expected to be released around 2011 [Shortly after Windows 7]. Finally, move beyond the limitations of 32bit.
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    You'll be less well-rounded with two client OS exams. Most people will encourage you to look at Exchange, SQL Server, etc. However, there's nothing inherently wrong with doing it the way you're asking about either.

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  • ElwoodBluesElwoodBlues Senior Member Member Posts: 117
    I guess there is something to be said about multiple client OS certs. Since I do have Exchange, I suppose there is nothing wrong with becoming more familiar with it.

    I was told that this Exchange 2003 Certification is going away but I was unable to confirm it via Microsoft's site. Anyone know if this is true or hearsay?

    Thanks again.
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    You can do the Exchange 2007 certification (70-236). It counts as an elective for MCSE 2003, but won't qualify for MCSE 2003: Messaging specialization.
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    There's no particular problem. In fact, using the Vista exam saves you a step if you plan on upgrading to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, since that is the only exam which satisfies the desktop OS portion of the MCITP.

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    I was told that this Exchange 2003 Certification is going away but I was unable to confirm it via Microsoft's site. Anyone know if this is true or hearsay?

    They haven't announced anything yet:

    It'll obviously lose value in time, but they usually give at least a years notice before discontinuing an exam.
  • ElwoodBluesElwoodBlues Senior Member Member Posts: 117
    Well, I have it narrowed down to Exchange 2003, 2007 or Vista if I cannot decide between the messaging apps. I am using 2003, but I am sure within the next few years we will likely upgrade. However, there is no immediate need to upgrade.

    So my questions are, is it unreal for me to think that I get certified on 2007 having never gotten certified on 2003? Is there anything that I would miss out on by skipping the 2003 Exchange course? I am somewhat uncomfortable with either of these as I feel that I will struggle with some networking concepts in 291 (which I have not taken).

    Thanks again.
  • HeroPsychoHeroPsycho Senior Member Inactive Imported Users Posts: 1,940
    Yes, in fact, E2K3 can sometimes be a hinderance to getting certified in Exchange 2007 because of the substantial changes between the two.

    You might have an issue with migration and coexistence type questions though. As long as you lab those out, you'd be fine.

    Take care of your core exams first before going for the exams for either version of Exchange.
    Good luck to all!
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