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Hello all!

I'm really studying for my CCNA, but I recently used CBT Nuggets to help me config an Easy VPN Server at work. Now, I haven't actually gone back and confirmed this but it seems the wizard Jeremy used isn't exactly like the one I used. I remember Jeremy talking about Remote Route Injection and that it was possible to configure this using SDM. I couldn't find this in he version I used (the latest) Also, I seem to recall Jeremy just choosing the outside interface for setting it up - My version created a virtual interface (which I configed to use unnumbered from the outside interface)

I'm I correct in that the SDM's are different and if so, what version will the test be on?

Oh, also, when I had set it up (no split tunneling), I could only access internal addresses. Tore my hair out over that, but it turns out the virtual interface that SDM created didn't have "ip NAT inside" on it, so I tried adding it and then it worked.
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