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Do you think that i-Net+ would offer much more value/knowledge to what I will be learning while pursuing MCAD/MCSD?

Would it be worth it to get the i-Net+ certification as well?

I'm thinking not but am looking for opinions on this.


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    Well i have been studying for it and will be taking the test next week, and if u got your network+ then u know 30% of i-net plus u got alot of internet basics that anyone who uses the net should know. But that being said i have used trancenders and sybex 2nd editon book and have learned a few things on security and some basic html and xml knowledge. so i say if u got the money and want to make your resume have 2 extra certs i say get it. but no matter what cert u go for i am sure there is atleast 1 thing new u will learn.
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    I wouldn't even bother with iNet+. It's almost completely worthless unless you're planning on being a professional webmaster or something. Even then, I don't think it's worth $162.

    Assuming you already have A+ and Net+, the next CompTIA cert I would go for is Security+. That one counts as an elective for the MCSE in case you ever want to go that route, plus it actually has some name recognition going for it (unlike iNet+). There's also a little bit of Net+ overlap, but Security+ is much more valuable.
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    Agreed. Another money grabber. However, you can transfer it to a CIW foundations credit (as mentioned in the I-Net+ threads) for a $90 fee so at least you can put two more certifications on your resume (I-Net+ & CIW Associate).
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    Exactly thats why i am doing it!
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