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What is the difference between Ethernet Frames? Ethernet II, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.2 and SNAP. Is there any more? What kind of questions will be on the CCNA exam about Ethernet frames? Do you match them up with something like 802.2 ? I'm confused.


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    DIX internet was the original Ethernet standard. (DEC Intel and Xerox)

    The IEEE took it over and assigned two commitees 802.3 MAC and 802.2 LLC. 802.3 deals with preamble, addressing...etc 802.2 deals with the type of protocol used. ie... IP/IPX/Appletalk

    Originally DIX just had a 'type' field. The IEEE called theirs the DSAP field yet they screwed up because they were shortsighted and their was not a big enough field defined so their solution was the inclusion of a SNAP type header which was larger and still a part of 802.2

    And yes Cisco can ask you about it - Its in the course - Not only that if you aspire to get other certifications - It will be useful ....
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