MCSE 2000 upgrade to MCSA / MCSE 2003 question

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I'm sure you get this alot so my apologies on the question but I am trying to get my 2003 cert and with the second shot offer running out in a couple of weeks I was wondering which of the 4 I should concentrate on?

MCSA Path:

(70-210 complete and MCSE on Win2k completes the elective)


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    You have more time with the free second shot than you seem to be thinking.

    "Yes, you need to register for the Second Shot offer on the Microsoft Web site to receive your free exam voucher. You have until June 30, 2009, to register, obtain an exam voucher, complete your first exam, and retake your exam (if you did not pass on your first attempt)."

    The only thing that's running out of time is the 25% discount on exams if you pass the first time. That runs through December of this year. However, if I remember correctly, if you use the 25% off offer for the next exam, you don't get a free second shot.

    I'd go through them in numerical order.

    Remember, you also need electives, and design exams for MCSE.
    Good luck to all!
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    Like he said, his 2000 MCSE will satisfy the elective. He is missing a design exam (297/29icon_cool.gif though.
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