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I'm going to start my CCNP from next month. I'm already a CCNA certified. I need to ask you a question. How many routers you need to setup a good CCNP lab? Plus, can someone recommned me CCNP books?

Also, If someone like me who has approx 5 years exp in Windows, Ms certs, CCNA and If I become CCNP certified so what will I be worth in the Market ?

Thanks in Advance for your help.


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    I recommend the Cisco press book from Clare Gough for the BSCI exam, I used it myself and almost everything for the exam was in it. (not enough about NAT though..)

    I used two 1502 routers for the BSCI exam, but three would have been much better. For the other three CCNP exams you'll need switches and preferably more...
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