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Hi all

I will be writting my 70-290 exam next month and this being my first microsoft exam,
i need your assist in the terms of which right material to use,

Show me the way to go


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    You'll need some text material, I used the MS Press book which is ok for this test and the Mark Minasi book for reference. The prep materials on this site are also cool, so you might want to check those out as well. James Conrad does his usual good job in the CBT Nuggets for this test.
    But nothing beats having your own lab, mucking things up and fixing them. Nothing like hands-on learning. Have you had a look at VMware/VirtualPC? Also, how much experience do you have with server 2003?
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    Thanks a lot man for your comment and anyone who will be taking 70-290 so soon i will
    appreciate your views about the exam just to get an overview where the exam was tight
    one. since is my first MS exam. icon_rolleyes.gif
    Show me the way to go
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    I'm also going to start preparing for 290 soon, but I'm not sure what else to use beyond the MS Press kit & some practice in a part virtual/part real home lab. (Will be installing Server 2003 virtually, but will be joining up physical XP Pro & 2000 Pro machines.)

    I've been toying with the idea of getting TestOut (the idea of virtual lab sims intrigues me) or CBT Nuggets (I *heart* James Conrad, he was dorkily awesome for A+) materials, but I'm short on cashola at the present so I'm putting off a purchase on one of those until there are some better sale prices. Currently, the 290 TestOut is $297 on sale (down from $495, OUCH!), and CBT Nuggets 290 is $199 (not on sale..but I have a code for 10% off, so that comes down to $179).

    I may end up just sticking with the MS Press book & some practice for the time being & see how I fare...
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    I strongly recommend using Transcender. They have saved my booty on all of the certs that I have taken. They are around $150 online, but I was able to get them through my college for an educational value of $60. Use this with a MS Press book and you should be ok. Hope this helps.
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    I would say use the MS Press Books, but I wouldnt use VM Software for the server if you have an old computer around that can run server 2003, use it then u can install xp pro on the VM and networking will work a lot better.
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