Slipped by OS today!

oldgearheadoldgearhead Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
I found that after studying:
1) Myers/ Tracy A+ Passport.
2) Sebex A+ Complete (220-202).
3) CBT Nuggets OS (220-202).
4) Trancenders OS (220-222).

I struggled quite a bit. I would guess only about 1/2 of the
questions were covered by the above materials. Of course,
I'm an old mini-computer tech, and I have always found PC
Windoze OS very confusing, and the hardware very simple.

Core= 900, OS= 637



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    Excellent dood :D

    A hearty congrats to ya.
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  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    congratulations on your passes.

    i am surprised to hear you thought the a+ passport lacking in operating systems coverage, as i had heard that it was better than meyers all-in-one and the sybex book.
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  • oldgearheadoldgearhead Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□

    Tracey Rosenblath's book: 'Passport' is by far the easiest read and
    it covers W9x & W2K quite well. However, I thought the practice
    question CD was weak. Furthermore, the 280 question
    Trancender OS Cert didn't prepare me for some of the off-the-wall
    questions on the real test. 'Passport' is, so far, the best value.

    Passport= $10.00
    Sebex= $60.00
    Trancenders= $90.00
    CBT Nuggets= Too much$$$

  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    i am using the passport book for my network+ studies and it has taught me a great deal, but i am grateful that i bought some general networking books to help with my a+, as it does not seem to cover all the objectives well enough to pass some of the free tests available on the internet.

    i did not like the test cd in the passport book. or rather, i installed it once, but continue to use the other practise tests i can find. i do, however, continue to use the review questions at the end of the chapters.

    i agree that some study and quizzing books and multimedia can cost a small fortune. especially when you consider that comptia a+ is only an entry-level cert. it's enough to put-off techs trying to achieve the microsoft and cisco certifications that some employers prefer to demand.
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    Hey Bellboy
    For my Net+ I used the All in One and the Syngress books for my main study materials. The Syngress one was substandard in the way it lays out information - it has it there, but you really need to hunt for it. The All in One was far superior. I did however use the Passport book for final review prior to the exam and consider it a very good resource for someone who has some networking experience. Myself I was a total greenhorn so I needed something far more in depth initially.

    I was a beta tester for TotalSem on their A+ Quizzer. I consider that to be one of the more relevant ones on the market without actually using the official A+ questions.
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