MS Press and Sybex Lousy for 70-236?

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So I'm thinking about doing a little segway into Exchange 2007 studying, since that's what we run at work and my counterpart also wants to get certified on it. We only have the one server, so I'm thinking about doing just 70-236 so that I'll get some knowledge on (properly) administrating the damn server. icon_lol.gif

In any case, I was looking around Amazon for books, as well as perusing threads on TechExams, (like this one and this one,) in order to get a better idea of what I need in order to get some studying done and get everything working right in our brand-spankin' new Windows 2008 domain. I looked at the reviews for the MS Press and Sybex books, and found that they'd scored super-low. What's the deal with that? Generally, I've found a winner in either one of the two publishers for any MS test I've taken. Can anyone confirm that these two books are as lousy as the reviews make them out to be?

For now, I've got the CBT Nuggets for the exam, as well as PowerShell Step by Step and Windows PowerShell in Action to keep me busy. Looking forward to hear the opinions of my friends and collegues here on TechExams, as well as any other recommendations for this exam.

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