Soo i failed my net + test today.

kamaqazikamaqazi Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
So I failed my test today. And I studied I thought I knew the material and I thought i as going to do well but I guess not.

I even had bought the Mike Meyers book and I took the practice tests on this site and I got like 90%

But I still failed miserably


  • LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
    Don't sweat it! Get the books back out and keep studying, and then try again. Add another book as a different resource. Search these forums for tips.

    This one guy took 10 tries to pass a test...

    Don't give up.
  • *StarFire*StarFire Member Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Well it might be a matter of bad luck....but dont feel bad and start afresh with emphasis on the areas u couldnt attempt in the exams
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    keep at it, dont give up. you maybe just had a bad test. what areas did you find that you had trouble with on this test? Look those over and take it again you can do it!
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    kamaqazi, so sorry to hear you didn't pass. The exam questions can be hit or miss sometimes, don't let it get to ya.
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    Was this your first Certification Exam?

    I think the Passport book might be okay for someone with lots of networking experience who just wants to brush up on stuff before the exam. But it probably isn't enough, if your new to networking, to use as a review for the exam.

    What book (or books) did your class use?

    Anyway -- pick yourself, dust yourself off, and get back to studying icon_study.gif
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  • NetAdmin2436NetAdmin2436 Member Posts: 1,076
    Bummer man.

    No worries though, keep at it. If your new to networking, try to get at least 3-4 (or more) resources. Unfortunately there's usually no 1 source that will help you pass a comptia exam.
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    Sorry to hear that you failed your exam. I took mine yesterday and have to say that the way some of the questions were worded did leave a lot to desire. Looking through the thread of this post I agree that using different sources is a great idea. Ones I'd recommend are -

    and I also picked up a DVD off e-bay which was pretty good in covering the objectives (Pass First Time - Network +)

    And if you didn't do it before I'd suggest printing off the objectives and going through them all.

    I'm sure it will be second time lucky for you - Good Luck

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  • kamaqazikamaqazi Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for all the support this is the first class I took and first exam I have tried to pass.
    I am only 19 so I unfortunately don’t have much experience in the field.

    I will be getting some more resources and trying again in a month or so to give me adequate time to brush up on all the material and try to pass next time around.

    The book I originally used was the book from the class I took at new horizons learning center.
    I believe it’s through Comptia itself.

    Anyways thanks for all the help I will be checking out some more stuff and will let you guys know how my next test goes.
  • HaywoodBurnerHaywoodBurner Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I am definately a fan of using different resources. I find different authors/books do a better job at explaining topics than others. Also, mixing up videos and books definitely helps. Plus its a lot less boring than reading the same book over and over!
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  • TechBoy22TechBoy22 Member Posts: 81 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Sorry to hear it but dont give up. Youll get it and youre young. plenty of time so dont rush the studying!

    what were the most common topics and which of those did you have trouble with?

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    Sorry to hear you didn't pass. I like using transcenders and and also See if any of those sites will help you. Good luck next time you take the exam.
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    Man I know how it is.. I failed my 2000 Pro, and my Security+.. It really bothered me too, and I thought I was the Master of my realm going into take the test, and then stunk up the joint.. Failing is part of life, just let it piss you off, and motivate you to try again.. Never give up, keep trying, and add additional resources to your studies..
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    Sorry to hear that you didn't get it. Take some time to pick yourself up, then go back and hit the books. Use your score-report to figure out your weak areas, make sure you study those in-depth, and then do a full review so that you don't forget other things you had learned.

    Good luck. :D

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