Passed 642-831 (CIT) exam!

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Took this exam today and I passed it! It was the last exam required for the CCNP track. It was a close one (passing score 804 - I scored 840). The exam was definitely not easy and the simulations required a lot of thinking and know-how's. I had a total of 3 simulation questions. All of them had simple solutions but took me a while to figure them out. I can't reveal much detail about the exam but I can tell you some of the topics that were frequent on the exam:

x OSI layers and IOS commands used to troubleshoot them.
x Network Baseline
x Network Documentation Guildelines and Stages
x Did I mention OSI layers? =)

Much thanks go to Johan for his help on everything. I am sure he is a very busy man but still finds time to help us all out! Thanks!

Books I've used:

CIT Exam Certification Guide: Worth a quick glance but not a keeper
CIT Exam Cram 2 Series: Not bad
CCNP Flashcards: Very Good!

Future Plans?

Take the CCDA/CCDP exam right away and start tackling the CCSP exams as well as getting started on MCSE 2K3. I already went through a CCSP bootcamp (not really a bootcamp since it was about 16 weeks long) so it shouldn't take me too long to start taking the exams. The school itself is not enough to just take the exam, I've to reread all the books again and practice on my lab to see if I still got them. It definitely speeds up the whole process though.. compared to studying each module by yourself. If you have the opportunity to take a class, I say do it!


Anyone know passing scores for CCDA/CCDP? How about the CCSP exams? Thanks in advance!


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