plz help! Just getting started.

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Hi there!
I want to get MCSE certified. I bought the books and SelfTest Software(by kaplan) for 70-210 and 70-215 exams. Can I just selfstudy for these exams or do I need to get training- like online courses or goto any tech schools. I am A+, net+, Security+ certified. I studied for all these by myself. I have heard that the Microsoft exams are pretty tough. I was going through the 70-210,theres lot of stuff to be covered and u need to have lots of hands on. How long do u think it takes to cover the 70-210 exam.Is it tough? what is the effective way to tackle it?
Have u heard of (They provide online training) Is it any good? Do I need one?


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    I think it is very doable to do the 210 by self study. I've seen many people do it in 4 to 6 weeks.

    It's a bit more difficult than the average CompTIA exams, but it is one of the easiest MS exams. You should have at least 1 computer running 2000 pro, but a 2000 server in addition would be better.

    Those practice exams you bought are as good as it gets. What books did you get?
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    Well, I bought the ExamPrep Win2k pro study guide from a used bookstore(without the CD)for $5(incl tax), I managed to get the Microsoft Official Curriculum 2152 & 2126 (no CDs, It was not cheap.I hope its worth it).
    Are the other exams tough ?Do u need to goto school or get online training for the other exams?
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    You don't need formal training, it just helps a lot. If you put the time and dedication into it, with those study books, you should be able to complete MCSE. You may want to go for MCSA, then get a job for some experience, and hands-on training. The CDs are important, but not neccesary. You could also pick up one copy of the MOC to get the eval software, unless you have 2000 server yourself. Remember, study, work for it, it's yours! Good Luck!
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    From Ricka182:
    You may want to go for MCSA, then get a job for some experience, and hands-on training.............. Remember, study, work for it, it's yours! Good Luck!

    Ricka182 is right. I think we all tend to try and hurry too much. You need to really learn this stuff to use it, not just to get a cert--but, the cert does say that you know your stuff.

    I, fortunately, have a part-time job and I've been studying M$ systems for about 7 months now--jumping from this subject to that. I know that I'll eventually get certs, but right now it's good when you have to go restart a service of some kind on a server that you see the old familiar M$ desk top. So, get very familiar with what you see in your M$ studies--you'll see it often! And, truth being, our oganization uses several different NOSs, but almost all clients are M$ Windows OSs.

    Sounds like you're well on your way. If you want it, there is a career for you. Best of luck!
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