Nailed It!

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Hi everyone

I took my N + test yesterday and passed with 720

Have to say that the test wasn't too bad but I did have to review a few questions at the end. Topics that featured in my test were -

Wireless Networking (configuring, troubleshooting)
Cables (lengths, types of cables)
Subnets (knowing Class A, B, C)
Not a lot on the OSI model (2-3 questions tops)
A few on ports (make sure you know some outside of the ones listed on the objectives)
Quite a few on troubleshooting command prompts
Even had a question on VOIP!

As for the materials that I used -

This website (obviously!) - thanks to everyone who has posted material

I also bought off flea-bay a DVD from Pass First Time which covered the objectives. Found this handy, especially as a refresh the day prior to the exam

The book I used was the Mike Meyers Network + Certification

Oh, and printing off the objectives and going through each point is something I'd highly recommend. As stated on here many times, if it's in the objectives it could feature on the test!

Good luck to everyone taking the test (if I can be of any help drop me a line) and a Merry Christmas to all
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    congrats corgi and great score! very exciting. what are you going to do next?
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    Congrats on the pass! I took mine last week & also had quite a few "huh?" questions that I had to review at the end of the exam & make some educated guesses on...
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