Backup VPNs and configuration

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Hi all,

I am studying IPsec vpns, and in that regard there's some info in my material on backup vpns, but not much, and basically nothing in CBT nuggets either. Did you ISCW guys use any other form of material, maybe some links to Cisco Docs? (cant seem to find any there either). I dont have this topic completely under my belt, though the blueprint doesnt specify HSRP groups and config with cryptomaps and so forth, it does specify: "Describe, configure, and verify VPN backup interfaces.", which is close to it.

So in short, information regarding redundancy and IPSec vpns would be nice, thanks!
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    A backup VPN can be as simple as a IPSec VPN configuration and floating static routes, or a GRE tunnel over IPSec that has a routing protocol with a higher metric than the primary path. The secret to a backup VPN isn't the VPN configuration itself but how you decide to route the traffic over the VPN when the primary path fails.
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