Buliding a Lab at home?

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i'm takin my ccna soon and i would like to bulid a lab to practice on
i would like to know what routers i should get and what else i need

i had a little practice at high school but that was soph. yr that was during cisco 1 and 2. this year cisco 3 and 4 my teacher didnt let us use the lab for any practice at all. i belive it wasnt set up for the new stuff version 3.

so to get to the point i have like month before my test and i think a lab would be nice to practice. but no clue on what to get

sorry if it dosent make sense.



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    You can buy yourself 2 Cisco 2500 routers, or 1 2600 router along with 2 2900 Cisco switches from ebay for cheap...OR you can save some $$$ and buy a routersim. www.routersim.com Good Luck!!! icon_study.gif
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  • jodyphoujodyphou Posts: 2Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    what would be better to get? 2 2500 are cheaper then gettin a 2600 and two 2900
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    I think you will do fine with the (2)2500 routers and (2)2900 switches. Just make sure you also by the Ethernet adaptors for the Routers, they do not come with Ethernet ports. You can get the ones made by CentreCom. They are pretty cheap. Check them out at this link:

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    For more information on a home lab for CCNA:
    icon_arrow.gif www.techexams.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3349
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