Practice Exams You Can Trust?

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There are so many companies offering certification pactice exams out there. What really gets me is that some of them don't seem to have a clue themselves... so how can they help me?


I was checking out one companies website and they offered a free sample of their A+ Core Hardware practice exam. One of the questions asked something like: 'When you first power on a computer what is the first diagnotic routine that runs?' There were four possible answers, one was POST. The other three were incorrect of course. One was like 'Power On System Test'.

I chose POST but got it wrong! The test said the right answer was 'C) Power On System Test'. Then when I wrote the company to let them know that one of their sample questions was BS they sent me this response...

"We did modify the question and added more references.
The previous answer is not entirely wrong but we do
realize it may cause some confusion.... so we did away
with Choice #C."

...please... how is it "not entirely wrong" ??? If I answer an actual A+ question with 'Power On System Test' am I going to be able to argue with CompTIA that it's 'not entirely wrong' ??? NO!

Anyways... what exams are worth looking at? Any advice?


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