Had an interview yesterday evening.

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I don't want to jinx myself, but I think it went really well.

It's for a Systems Engineer role for a local company who provides telecommunications/networking/access control/security solutions to clients around this area.

Apparently they are growing so much that they simply aren't able to expand into all areas they would like, due to being so busy right now.

I was interviewed by one of the office guys and the president of the company. They drove around a half hour to meet me in the office they have in my city and said they had gone over my resume around 10 times.

They seemed impressed by the fact that I had my CCENT, because they said everyone they interview is "studying for their CCNA".

I'm heading out of town again this week and before I left, the president and guy who started the company handed me his card and told me to call him when I got back to let him know how the training was. I took that as a good sign.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...this sounds like it could potentially be a great opportunity.


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