Passed Network+ Today!!

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I passed with a 780 today. I was a little nervous about being prepared enough before the exam, so I'm not disappointed with the score. My last certification was NT4 MCP almost 10 years ago - feels good to get something new under my belt. With the economy problems & increasing lay-offs, I figured I better stop being lazy & get back into the certification game. Half the questions I missed were do to just forgetting material I didn't memorize well enough. The other half of questions I missed completely caught me off-guard (obscure questions that I doubt would be listed in "most" Network+ study books). Bottom line, the test was easier than I expected. Most questions I had on the test were easier than what I practiced with in Transcender. I got almost no sleep last night & was glad I didn't have to work out complex scenario based questions. I probably would have been able to pass this test without purchasing Transcender, but the practice tests did help me find gaps in my knowledge.

I've worked in IT over 10 years, but I only had a working knowledge of maybe 30% of the material in this course. I've already been able to apply things I learned in the course directly to my work environment - that's as rewarding as the certification. This is a great web site & I used the study notes heavily in my prep. I also used Exam Cram. Transcender & Testout Videos. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my questions over the last few weeks. It's great to see how supportive everyone is of each other here.

Next up - Security+.


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