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Hello everybody,
I'm new to this forum.. and i think it's a great place to share ideas and learn new things .. on the way to our desired certifications...

my question is for my safety to see if i am wrong or not..

i have an asbr which injects routes from rip v2 into ospf

the asbr is connected to area 1 which is nssa

asbr connecte to abr which is in area 1 and area 0 ..

i issued the default-information originate always on asbr and for my surprize no default route on the AS ..

And this is heppening because the area between asbr and abr is nssa??? of is something wrong in my lab topology?

nssa = LSA type 1,2,3,5

No LSA type 4 which is generated by abr when is present an asbr to provide a route to it.

This is the reason why i'm not getting a default route from asbr ?icon_confused.gif:

thanks in advance
cisco rocks


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    A type 4 LSA is just the advertisement of the ASBR to routers in the area by DR's

    NSSA allows External routes to be advertised as Type 7 that are converted to Type 5 by the ABR into Area 0...

    How are you injecting the routes into your OSPF AS ?

    Note that the ABR does not automatically generate a default route - the no-summary or default-originate must be appended to the area nssa <area> command...
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