Is SBS 2003 (70-282) still in demand?

It seems as though there are still a few businesses that require/prefer Microsoft recognition for Small Business Server 2003 (i.e. pass 70-282). Is this exam really worth pursuing? Will it still be valued 2-3 years from now, or replaced by the 2008 version? It does seem to have its place in that it rolls several technologies and concepts into one (so-to-speak). Kind of a compromise between MCSA and MCSE.


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    If you're planning on focusing on small businesses (especially in a VAR/partner role where it helps earn the Small Business Specialist accreditation) then I think it could bring value - the challenge there is that most clients will have never heard of it. :)

    And yes there is a 2008 SBS exam, I did the beta a few months back and recently received my score so they must be on the verge of going public with the MCTS cert.
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    I was asked by my employer to do that exam - and passed it today. There is not much info about it on the internet and most is from 2006 or older, so I will write couple of words for these seeking advice :).
    I had 56 questions, no sims on that one, and 3hrs to complete the test. I was told that the exam is very hard because of so many topics it is covering - but I must say I found it fairly easy.
    Surprisingly I had no SUS/WSUS questions (but they are in objectives), but I had APIPA question - and I believe I had these in all the exams I have completed.
    The questions seemed to be just as the easier ones from Exchange/ISA/MCSE exams. I was most concerned about SQL server - but I had just few easy questions in that subject. I had some about Vista/ SBS 2003R2 so unlike most of the materials the exam is upgraded. Nothing to be scared of! I have passed with 887.
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