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What are some tips on how to tell if a job posted on Craigslist is real?
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    rdix2501 wrote:
    What are some tips on how to tell if a job posted on Craigslist is real?

    Look up the company on line to see if they are legit.
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    I'd ask for references from other employees and/or customers.

    You can also contact the state and see if its a registered business.

    Finally, look for anything out of the ordinary, such as them asking you for personal information that isn't necessary, such as SSNs, CC numbers, bank account information, etc.

    Some places will need an SSN for 1099s if you're going to work for them without being an actual employee, but that isn't something that's needed up front.
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    One more thing, if it's a company, check the domain of their email address (if listed). A legit company probably won't have their email address at hotmail or yahoo (if they do, then they're broke, which is another reason to stay away!).
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    I made sure I didn't give them my SSN until I met them in person. Some of the companies are small businesses which only have a a person or two working for them. I know the job I have now only has my boss and I working since he was self employed and needed help.

    Most of the scams I ran into on Craigslist were pretty easy to identify since they were either work from home or asked you to write out checks for them. Just make sure you read all the warnings on the site and keep them in mind as you read the emails.
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