Building Up Your Developer Resume and Experience

I often see the question posed by new developers about how they can gain experience to supplement their educations and experience; thus, making the big bucks.

In my case, I had no experience or education in programming. The way that I gained experience was by posting ads on Craigslist offering to develop for free for a cause of my choice.

I choose non-political, non-religous, and generally non-offensive organizations to develop for -- organizations to help cancer, the homeless, animal rescues, etc..

From there, I've now developed on 3 different projects.

Just recently, I made an agreement to develop a custom database and web site for the largest institute in my state dedicated to arts. It's an excellent feeling to be able to help so many people by doing something that you absolutely enjoy.

In addition, the experience that I get is priceless. Not only can you get instant credit by showing employers a portfolio, but many of them will waive the experience requirement if you give them enough reason.

My fourth project is my best one so far and I can't wait to start in January after I pass a couple of more certifications.

I just wanted to pass this on because many people don't realize just how helpful it can be to just volunteer. You can get the key experience that you need while doing some amazing stuff to help many people.
I've escaped call centers and so can you! Certification Trail and mean pay job offers for me: A+ == $14, Net+==$16, MCSA==$20-$22, MCAD==$25-$30, MCSD -- $40, MCT(Development), MCITP Business Intelligence, MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer -- $700 a Day
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