Oh no, not SharePoint!

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I've been shying away from SharePoint now for a couple of years however my employer is planning to book me onto some tutor lead training courses next year. I know what SharePoint is and have seen it in action but it's never really interested me. I'd like to give SharePoint a chance and planning to put some study time a-side in the hope it becomes more appealing.

Also, as good as the tutor lead courses are, I like self-study as I can take breaks as and when i feel, plus i can concentrate on areas i struggle with the most.

Where should i start?
What's the exam path for SharePoint? (Forexample, the MSCE path is: mcp > msca > mcse?)

Is there much study material available for SharePoint?
Which video training is the better one to buy (Trainsignal, Nuggets, Testout, etc?)

thanks in advance ;)
next up SharePoint... what's that all about!


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    Just curious, but why'd you post this in the Exchange/OCS forum?
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    The Trainsignal videos are good. There isn't really an exam path. There's just a Sharepoint Services exam and a Sharepoint exam. Each one also has a development exam as well. Transcender has practice exams: http://www.transcender.com/dept.aspx?dept_id=102200 and there's a decent number of books available, although I'm not sure if they are geared specifically towards certification. From what I've seen from people who have taken these, they're not that bad.
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